Industrial Handling & Relocation of Machines, from Parts to entire Factories

The N°1 in industrial removals and changes of location in your sector. We shift a lot of (your) work.

Moving or shifting a single machine, a specific production line or a whole factory: As a specialist in industrial removals, we understand better than anybody that your time is valuable. Because shutting down your production means losing business. DK Moves always has a suitable solution ready for your situation.

We guarantee 100% precision work, on time and for any sector:

We can help in your sector

DK Moves has the right experience, equipment and expertise to handle your removals impeccably, from shifting a component of a heavy machine to entire machines, from moving production lines to a whole factory. In your sector too, we are familiar with removals and shifting equipment.

Our services include:

  • Disconnection of machines
  • Help with dismantling production facilities
  • Protection and packing
  • Preparation of machinery for transport
  • Lifting and shifting of machinery
  • Repositioning of machinery
  • Alignment, height adjustment and putting down onto the ground.
  • Commissioning
  • Entering production parameters

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