Dear friends, godmothers, gotfathers of our foundation DK Moves Academy

(Realising the future of the children in The Gambia)

Thanks to your kindness and golden heart, our little students can almost go to school Our goal was to acquire our own piece of land to build our own school there and thanks to the support of the families and the dedication of the people, this happened, we have our own piece of land! Now we only have to start building a school. We call on you all to be kind enough to share this with your friends etc. to help us collect donations for the "basic" construction of our "nursery".

We need you!

How can i help?
By donating money (every euro counts)
By becoming a godfather. You will have the opportunity to follow the child during his/her education with the assurance that the money will be put to good use.

In concrete terms that is 96€/year per child.
DK Moves Foundation: BE92 3631 7528 7023
Communication: Gift
Communication: godfather / godmother

Thank you to all for your beautiful human values.
For more explanations, please contact our responsible Pascale Pir at 0477 429 878.

Mouth masks in The Gambia

It's been a long time now that the coronavirus has been controlling our lives. We face it every day. But also in The Gambia we are protected with mouth masks to protect our safety.

The container left on 5 August 2020 
** Thanks to all sponsors and friends **

Thanks to the following sponsors ...

We thank you dearly for your wonderfull humane values.
For further details / questions, you can directly contact Pascale Pir - 02 725 12 12 - who is in charge of this incredible project.