Who are we?

The DK Moves Foundation supports a school in Gambia for children from 3 to 8 years old. The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The schools name is DK Moves Academy. There are more than 200 children following classes on a daily basis. We give our full support to the school on all levels: accommodation (building and playground), salaries of teachers, registration fees of student and all other school material.

Our project

After having equipped the school with a running water point, 3 toilets and electricity, we continue with the construction of 3 new classrooms. Our goal is to support the development of children by organising basic educartion. In future we want to set evening classes for women. This way we want to contribute to the development of women and stand up for their rights.

We need you!

How can you help?

  1. By making a financial donation (every euro counts).
  2. By becoming godfather / godmother! You will be able to follow the child throughout his education with the guarantee that the funds are directly being given to the school! 

Concretely 8 € / month of 86 € / year per child.
Direct bank account: BE92 3631 7528 70231. Communication: Donation - Communication: godfather / godmother


Beyond our investment to offer them a school facility and our struggle for their rights, we need supplies! We are expecting the arrival of bicycles (to make their trips to school easier) and school equipment by container. All your material donations are welcome! However, financiel donations remain our priority to help us continue the school's development. Every euro counts and will be used wisely. 

We thank you dearly for your wonderfull humane values.
For further details / questions, you can directly contact Pascale Pir - 02 725 12 12 - who is in charge of this incredible project.