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Industrial Removals


DK Moves is a renowned group which is specialised in industrial removals, transport and installation of heavy technical units: motors, cooling systems, machine tools, etc.
We are highly qualified for the installation of process equipment in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, power generation, food, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries in Brussels and Wallonia.

industrial removalDK Moves cranes and trucks for industrial removals

We have a suitable solution for all types of removals:

relocation of a part of a heavy machine

relocation of a heavy machine

relocation of production lines

removal of a whole factory

Our offer includes all or part of the following services :

relocation of a part of a heavy machine

disconnection of machinery

disassembling of production facilities

protection and packaging

preparation of the machinery for transport

lifting and transport of machinery

replacement of machinery

alignment, levelling and fixation to the ground

connection, activation and production settings

We guarantee you flawless precision, even in the most high technical fields.

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